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Learn About CHIP in South Dakota

South Dakota CHIP is administered by the Department of Social Services and is designed to provide medical coverage to low-income children throughout the state. The program is formally referred to as the Children’s Health Insurance Program and is federally funded. It is offered in all states throughout the country, but each state is individually responsible for implementing the program with its own standards. Residents living on low incomes with children should review the benefits and eligibility requirements of the program to see if they can obtain comprehensive health insurance for their young family members.

CHIP insurance in SD also provides program beneficiaries with coverage for vision and dental treatments and procedures. The program is dedicated to ensuring all children receive the medical care they need to grow properly and enter adulthood as healthy residents. Programs like CHIP and Medicaid are focused on ensuring low-income families do not go into debt due to high medical expenses. These programs are designed to allow families to seek health care when needed while still maintaining financial freedom. To find out more about health insurance for kids in low-income households, read through the following sections.

What is CHIP in South Dakota?

Families researching health insurance may wonder, “What is CHIP in SD and do I qualify?” This program has specific eligibility guidelines and is only available to residents who are younger than 19 years of age. Qualifying beneficiaries who have successfully enrolled in the program are afforded insurance benefits for:

  • Medical procedures and treatments.
  • Dental cleanings and necessary procedures.
  • Eye exams and other vision services.

This child health insurance plan does not charge families any monthly premiums. While copayments may be due at the time of treatment in many cases, these charges are usually small and affordable. The program’s goal is for all families in the state, even those earning low incomes, to have access to healthcare and medical treatments when needed. This federally funded program attempts to break the financial barriers that are often associated with these medical treatments so families can provide adequate care for their children.

Who does South Dakota CHIP cover?

The South Dakota CHIP application is what determines if an applicant is qualified for the program or not. There are several questions that ask for information on an applicant’s income, residency and household situation. Parents or guardians who are applying for health insurance through the program for their minor children can complete these applications for them, if needed.

To meet the CHIP eligibility guidelines, an applicant must be:

  • Under the age of 19.
  • A current resident in the state of South Dakota.
  • Living in a household that meets the program’s low-income eligibility guidelines.

When looking into who qualifies for CHIP in SD, potential applicants may see two different sets of low-income eligibility guidelines. One set of guidelines is organized for children applying to the program who do not have insurance elsewhere. The other set of low-income guidelines is used for applicants who do have private insurance but are looking for additional medical insurance. These low-income requirements are also based on the number of household members in a family. In some cases, families who apply for CHIP but do not qualify may still be able to obtain Medicaid benefits. To find out more about the program, applicants can download our comprehensive guide.

How to Apply for CHIP in South Dakota

If you feel you or your child may qualify for CHIP coverage in South Dakota, you must thoroughly complete the application process to enroll. You can complete this process online, by mail, by fax or in person at a local Department of Social Services office. If you prefer to complete the application at home, you can print it online and fill in your answers before submitting it.

The CHIP application asks for several pieces of information about your household and yourself or your child. You may need to first gather some documents so you can provide accurate information. Before completing the paperwork, you should gather:

  • Your employer information, including paycheck stubs or W-2 forms.
  • Social Security Numbers for your family members.
  • Coverage and policy numbers for current health insurance policies, if applicable.
  • Information on employer-related health insurance available to you or your family.

Once completed, you can turn this application into your local office using your preferred method. The department will contact you to discuss potential benefits you are eligible for.

To apply for CHIP online in SD, you can visit the website and create an online account. Again, gather the necessary documents so you can provide all information the system will ask you for. Once you have submitted your online application, a representative will contact you to go over the next steps in the process.

What is included with South Dakota CHIP coverage?

The purpose of CHIP insurance in South Dakota is to ensure children can obtain the health care they need to stay healthy. Therefore, program beneficiaries are provided with comprehensive medical coverage, vision benefits and dental care through health insurance. As long as a treatment or procedure is deemed necessary or preventative, it should be covered by this insurance. Some of the common treatments that program beneficiaries seek using this insurance include:

  • Doctor’s appointments for wellness exams.
  • Prescription drugs.
  • Vaccinations and immunizations.
  • Hospital visits.

To be able to utilize the benefits offered through CHIP, beneficiaries must visit medical providers that accept this insurance. If a program enrollee seeks treatment through a medical provider that does not participate in the program, he or she may be responsible for the medical bills associated with the visit.

How much is CHIP health insurance in South Dakota?

South Dakota CHIP dental, vision and medical insurance is free under the program. Beneficiaries are not required to pay monthly premiums to keep this insurance. However, they may be responsible for paying copayments each time they attempt to obtain medical treatment. The copayments may vary, depending on the nature of the treatments the beneficiary is requesting.

Before attempting to utilize coverage, beneficiaries can call the CHIP number to ask about eligible medical providers, services covered through the program and potential co-payments.

How long do CHIP benefits last in South Dakota?

Generally, SD CHIP policies are valid for one year upon approval and enrollment into the program. When a beneficiary’s term is close to its expiration date, the department sends a notice to him or her. This notice outlines what the beneficiary must do to renew, if desired. The program enrollee may be responsible for providing documentation and information to the department to show that he or she is still eligible for coverage. If any of the CHIP requirements are no longer met by a beneficiary, he or she may be denied coverage renewal. Applicants can learn more about CHIP benefits when they download our comprehensive guide here.