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Learn About CHIP in New Hampshire

New Hampshire CHIP insurance is available to low-income families around the state to help offset the financial burden of private health care. Uninsured kids can receive important health and medical services through this component of Medicaid. The Children’s Health Insurance Program in the state is funded jointly by the state and the federal government. It is available across the country, though states can choose how to administer the benefits and determine the eligibility requirements. Families with incomes and household sizes that fall within a specific range may qualify for free health care coverage. CHIP coverage and services range from doctor visits and immunizations to hospital stays and mental health counseling.

Program benefits and requirements vary between states, as each one oversees the program at the state level. To learn more about the program, including CHIP eligibility requirements, benefits and costs, continue reading the sections below.

What is CHIP in New Hampshire?

In New Hampshire CHIP is a component of Medicaid, meaning that families with incomes too low to afford private health care may be able to get low-cost or free health insurance for their children who are younger than 19 years of age. This child health insurance plan covers the costs associated with prescription drugs, hospital stays, immunizations and vaccines. CHIP dental coverage is also included in the benefits package for eligible enrollees.

Eligibility is determined by the state using a number of factors, such as income, household size and medical need. During the CHIP application process, candidates must provide information that proves they meet the requirements for the program. Only those who meet qualifications may begin receiving benefits.

For more information about the program, you can find everything you need to know by downloading our information guide here.

Who does New Hampshire CHIP cover?

Applicants must meet the CHIP eligibility requirements in order to enroll in the program. These conditions are set at the state level, so requirements vary across the country. This blended CHIP Medicaid program is available to families with kids younger than 19 years of age who are not currently covered by any other health insurance program. Applicants must provide proof of having a monthly income that falls between a designated range in order to enroll in the program. Additionally, enrollees must be New Hampshire residents and U.S. citizens, nationals or other qualified noncitizens.

The state determines who qualifies for CHIP upon reviewing the application and other documents showing proof of meeting program requirements. If you are wondering, “Can I get health insurance for my child only?” you will be happy to know that this program was implemented to help uninsured children receive the health care they need.

How to Apply for CHIP in New Hampshire

Completing a CHIP application is the first step toward receiving comprehensive health coverage through New Hampshire Medicaid. Applications are reviewed by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (NHDHHS). Applicants unsure of their CHIP eligibility status can use the pre-screening tool online before they begin. They must answer a few basic questions about their income, household size and residency during this process. Based on the results of the pre-screening, they can determine if they may qualify for coverage. However, the results of the pre-screening process are not official. Applicants must complete the process for applying to CHIP in order to receive benefits.

You may apply for CHIP online using the online portal managed by the NHDHHS. It is the quickest and most convenient application method. If you have never enrolled in CHIP Medicaid or received any other form of government aid, you must create a first-time account with the NHDHHS. This site will be used after you are approved to view your benefits, update your information and apply for other aid programs. Call the CHIP number of your local office location for help with completing the application.

During the application process, you may be asked to submit documents that show proof of meeting all the program requirements, such as:

  • Proof of income
  • Proof of expenses
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of residency
  • Information about currently health insurance

For more details on how to apply in your state, click here to download our informational guide.

What is included with New Hampshire CHIP coverage?

CHIP insurance in New Hampshire is part of the Medicaid program and covers uninsured children younger than 19. Families gain access to free health care coverage for their children from providers around the state. In New Hampshire, CHIP coverage does not vary based on the applicant’s income or household size. All kids enrolled in the program have access to the same coverage.

There are many covered services provided through the program, including:

The above list is not all-inclusive. It is important to understand which services are covered by the program before seeking treatment.

How much is CHIP health insurance in New Hampshire?

CHIP insurance in New Hampshire is provided through Medicaid. Services are available to qualified candidates at no cost to them, provided that they seek treatment from providers who accept Medicaid. Applicants who visit doctors or clinics outside of this coverage are responsible for the cost associated with that service. Likewise, there are limits on certain medical services, such as physical checkups occurring once every 150 days.

Through the NH Children’s Health Insurance Program, beneficiaries do not need to make copayments. Some enrollees who have other health insurance plans in addition to Medicaid must follow the instructions of that provider before Medicaid pays. The combined CHIP Medicaid program may refuse to pay for service if it is shown that enrollees did not follow the instructions of the insurance company.

How long do CHIP benefits last in New Hampshire?

Enrollees must renew CHIP benefits each year to ensure they continue receiving coverage through Medicaid. There is a specified renewal period during which beneficiaries may re-apply for coverage. Children will continue benefitting from the program as long as they still qualify each year.

CHIP coverage provided through Medicaid expires one year after the approval date. You can renew CHIP online using the website’s online portal. Be sure to report any changes to your information, such as a new address or change in income. These changes may affect your eligibility for the program, so it is important to notify the state as soon as possible.