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Learn About CHIP in Nebraska

CHIP insurance in Nebraska helps cover uninsured children who do not qualify for Medicaid. It is a government assistance program funded jointly by the federal government and the state of Nebraska. Otherwise known as the Children’s Health Insurance Program, this plan is overseen at the state level. Eligible families are those who cannot afford private insurance but have incomes considered too high to qualify for Medicaid. This blended CHIP Medicaid insurance program allows children to receive access to important health care services, like doctor visits and immunizations. Some families qualify for free coverage while others can receive benefits for a small cost.

The benefits of the program vary between states, as each one is responsible for determining qualifications and application procedures. There are a few federal guidelines to which all states must adhere. For more information about the program, including CHIP eligibility requirements, the program’s application process and its various benefits, continue reading the sections discussed below.

What is CHIP in Nebraska?

In Nebraska CHIP is an expansion of Medicaid, which means those who do not qualify for the Medicaid program may still be eligible for free or low-cost health care. This child health insurance plan covers children 18 years of age and younger. It gives them access to a variety of health care coverage and services, like prescription drugs, hospital stays and vaccines. The cost of the program is determined during the CHIP application process. Some families whose incomes fall between a designated range may qualify for free services while others receive benefits for very affordable costs.

Eligibility is determined by the state using a number of factors, such as income, household size and medical need. The CHIP application demands candidates provide information about these factors before receiving benefits. Only those who meet all qualifications can enroll in the program.

To learn more about the program, download our informative guide here.

Who does Nebraska CHIP cover?

CHIP eligibility is contingent upon applicants meeting certain program conditions. These requirements are set by the state and are evaluated frequently to reflect any changes in the economy or cost of living. NE CHIP is available for kids 18 years of age or younger who do not qualify for Medicaid but do not have any other health insurance coverage. Families must have an income that is considered too high for the Medicaid program but too low to afford private health coverage. Additionally, enrollees must be Nebraska residents and U.S. citizens, nationals or other qualified noncitizens.

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (NDHHS) decides who qualifies for CHIP after reviewing the application and candidate information. If you are asking yourself, “Can I get health insurance for my child only?” you will be glad to learn that this program is specifically designed to cover uninsured children not covered by Medicaid.

How to Apply for CHIP in Nebraska

Before enrolling, you must complete a CHIP application and submit it to the NDHHS to determine if you are eligible for the program. During the application process, you must answer a variety of questions pertaining to your income level, residency and household.

Applying for CHIP online is the fastest and most convenient application method. Simply log into the web portal provided by the NDHHS to create a personal account. This same website can be used after you are approved to view your benefits, update your information and apply for other aid programs. You can also use the helpful pre-screening tool offered online to determine your eligibility before you begin with the application.

If you prefer to apply in person, you may visit the NDHHS office closest to you. Many offices have kiosks to help you with the application process. Likewise, you may enlist the help of office workers if you have trouble with the application. Call the CHIP number of your local office location to inquire about in-person applications or to schedule an appointment.

During the CHIP application process, you may be asked to submit documents that show proof of meeting all the program requirements, such as:

  • Proof of income
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of residency

For more details on how to apply in your state, click here to download our free informational guide.

What is included with Nebraska CHIP coverage?

Nebraska CHIP covers uninsured children who do not otherwise qualify for Medicaid. It provides kids 18 years of age or younger with low-cost or free health care coverage. In Nebraska, CHIP coverage does not vary based on the applicant’s income. Covered services are standard throughout the program. All kids enrolled in the program have access to the same types of covered services, though the cost of these services may differ.

There are many CHIP benefits provided through the program, including:

  • Checkups and immunizations.
  • CHIP dental
  • Counseling.
  • Lab tests and X-rays.
  • Hospital visits.
  • Prescription medication.

This is not a complete list. There are many other services available with the program. Applicants must verify coverage before seeking health treatment to ensure it will be covered by the program.

How much is CHIP health insurance in Nebraska?

CHIP insurance in Nebraska is available for free or for a low cost, depending on the applicant’s situation.  Everyone who applies for the program must prove that they meet the eligibility requirements by submitting information about income, residency and household size. The state takes these factors into consideration when determining the cost of the program.

Under the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), many beneficiaries must pay small monthly premiums and copayments for services. The amount of these premiums and copayments varies between applicants.

How long do CHIP benefits last in Nebraska?

CHIP Medicaid and other government assistance programs require applicants to renew benefits each year. Enrollees must reapply for CHIP coverage in Nebraska each year to continue receiving benefits. Applicants are notified of their renewal period through the online portal used during the application process. Children will continue benefitting from the program as long as they still qualify each year.

CHIP benefits expire as soon as families no longer qualify for the program. Thus, it is important that all applicants report changes in income, employment or other factors that may affect their coverage immediately. Those who do not report changes face harsh penalties and termination from the program.

You can renew CHIP online and report any changes at the same time. Some of the most common reported changes include a new address, change of employment, offer of alternative affordable insurance and changes to immigration status.