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Learn About CHIP in Missouri

Missouri CHIP insurance is open to children of low-income families who cannot afford private coverage. The state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program is also known as MO HealthNet for Kids, a statewide health insurance plan designed to cover children of low-income families. This government aid program is funded jointly by states and the federal government. State health insurance for kids is available in every state, but the specific coverage and benefits vary across the country. To qualify for the program, families must meet certain requirements determined by state health officials.

The exact benefits, procedures and requirements of the program are determined each year by state officials. Enrollees must also renew their coverage yearly to continue benefitting from the program. For more information about CHIP eligibility requirements, the application process or program benefits, continue reading the sections discussed below.

What is CHIP in Missouri?

CHIP in Missouri is provided through the MO HealthNet for Kids insurance plan, which offers complete medical coverage for children younger than 19 years of age. The program is a combined CHIP Medicaid plan, providing other types of coverage to older family members who qualify for medical assistance. MO HealthNet for Kids gives children access to vital health coverage and medical services, including doctor visits, hospital stays, prescriptions and vision care. This low-cost coverage is available to qualifying families around the state.

CHIP coverage is comprehensive and complete, meaning children get access to basic health care services and medical coverage. For example, CHIP dental coverage is available to enrollees who meet the eligibility requirements. Once approved, applicants choose a coverage plan from a list of providers that meet their specific medical needs. The cost of the program differs between enrollees, as it is based on income and other factors.

To learn more about the medical services covered by the program, you can find everything you need to know by downloading our informative program guide here.

Who does Missouri CHIP cover?

All applicants are held to certain CHIP eligibility requirements that must be met to begin receiving program benefits. Each state is responsible for setting the conditions of application approval. The Missouri child health insurance plan offered through MO HealthNet for Kids is available to children younger than 19 years of age whose families meet certain income requirements. Their income must fall between a designated range according to the size of their household. Also, applicants must be Missouri residents and U.S. citizens, nationals or qualified non-citizens.

If you are interested in the program, you must apply to determine your eligibility. The state decides who qualifies for CHIP upon examining all applications and qualifying documents. Getting health insurance for your kids is feasible. If you are wondering, “Can I get health insurance for my child only?” you will be happy to learn that this program helps cover uninsured children when you cannot afford to purchase private coverage.

How to Apply for CHIP in Missouri

Applying for CHIP insurance in MO is the first step toward getting coverage for basic health care and medical services. All applicants must submit a CHIP application so their information may be reviewed by the state. They must supply the state with information about income, residency and the size of their household. It is important to learn how to apply for CHIP in your state, as there are a few different ways to begin.

You can apply for CHIP online using the web portal provided through the state’s Department of Social Services (DSS). This method is the quickest way to learn whether you qualify for coverage and how much you will be required to pay for services. You must register for an account to fill out the application.

Missouri also allows you to apply for coverage using a paper application form. After you complete the form and submit all required information, mail it to the application processing center. You may call the CHIP number of the processing center for help with completing your application.

You may be asked to submit certain documents during the application process, such as:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of citizenship

For more details on how to apply in your state, click here to download a free CHIP guide.

What is included with Missouri CHIP coverage?

Missouri CHIP provides families with low-cost health care coverage and medical services for their children. Benefits and covered services are not standard across the nation. In certain areas of Missouri, enrollees must choose an insurance plan through one of the providers approved by the state. Applicants choose the type of plan that meets their medical needs.

CHIP benefits in Missouri include medically necessary services and care. Some of the services covered by MO HealthNet for Kids include:

  • Doctor visits.
  • Physicals.
  • Vision care.
  • Pharmacy services.
  • Dental cleanings.
  • X-rays.
  • Medical equipment and supplies.

There are many other medical services available through the insurance plan. It is important to discuss the coverage options with the provider to understand which services are covered by the program.

How much is CHIP health insurance in Missouri?

Paying for CHIP insurance in Missouri is required of some enrollees, depending on their income. The cost of coverage depends on a number of factors, including income and household size. Family incomes must fall within a certain range to receive free or low-cost coverage.

Services covered by the MO Children’s Health Insurance Program are free for families whose monthly income is less than 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Beneficiaries who do not meet this income requirement will pay a monthly premium for services. Premium amounts are not permanent. They change each year to reflect changes in cost of living and other factors.

How long do CHIP benefits last in Missouri?

CHIP coverage expires each year. To continue receiving benefits, enrollees must renew their health care plan with the DSS. Applicants will receive a renewal packet by mail prior to the renewal date. They must return the required form as soon as possible so that coverage does not lapse.

You cannot renew CHIP online. Returning the required form is the only way to renew coverage and continue receiving benefits. You must also report any changes that could affect your coverage to the Department of Social Services (DSS). These changes include a new address, changes in employment or income and changes to immigration status. Official correspondence from the DSS cannot be forwarded. If your address changes and you forget to notify the department, your renewal process may be delayed.