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Learn About CHIP in Michigan

Michigan CHIP is a health insurance plan that provides low-cost health coverage to children around the state. There are two types of plans offered through the program: MIChild and Healthy Kids. Both plans offer a wide range of health services for free or extremely low costs. The Children’s Health Insurance Program was created to insure children of low-income families who otherwise would not have health coverage. Each state oversees the program and implements specific requirements for enrollment. Parents looking to get a child health insurance plan may be eligible for the MIChild or Healthy Kids program depending on their income, age and health status.

Each program has certain requirements that candidates must meet before receiving health benefits. For more information about these two low-cost insurance programs, including the CHIP eligibility requirements, application process and program benefits, continue reading the sections below.

What is CHIP in Michigan?

The two CHIP insurance programs offered in Michigan are known as Healthy Kids and MIChild. Both plans offer health care coverage to eligible children around the state. These blended CHIP Medicaid programs differ slightly in the enrollment requirements and cost but provide similar health coverage and medical services. Through these programs, families and children gain access to vital health care services. Family planning, dental insurance coverage, doctor visits and vision care are just a few of the services covered under these programs.

The CHIP benefits remain the same in each program, but vary between states. Coverage is determined based on a number of factors, like income and household size. Likewise, the cost of receiving these benefits differs between each program. For more information about the program, download our free guide.

Who does Michigan CHIP cover?

Applicants must meet certain CHIP eligibility requirements before enrolling in either program. Each state is responsible for setting these requirements. In Michigan, both Healthy Kids and MIChild are open to children younger than 19 years of age who are not covered under any other insurance plan. To receive CHIP coverage, families must meet designated income requirements. Applicants must also be Michigan residents and U.S. citizens, nationals or legal aliens.

MIChild only provides health insurance for kids younger than 19, whereas the Healthy Kids program also covers pregnant women and their children younger than 19 years of age. There are also higher income limits for the MIChild program.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) determines who qualifies for CHIP after reviewing the application and all required documents. If you are asking yourself, “Can I get health insurance for my child only?” then you will be glad to know that the MIChild plan covers uninsured children for vital health services.

How to Apply for CHIP in Michigan

To enroll in MIChild or Health Kids, applicants must complete a CHIP application and submit it to the MDHHS. The application process asks for a variety of personal information regarding income, residency and health needs. You must know how to apply for CHIP in Michigan to begin receiving health benefits. There are a few different ways to apply to either program.

You can apply for CHIP online using the web portal provided by the state health insurance department. Submitting an online application offers the quickest way to determine if you qualify for health care coverage. Before you apply, you must register for an online profile to access the electronic application.

Another way to apply is to call the state’s health care customer service line. Alternatively, you complete a paper application and drop it off at a MDHHS office. Be sure to call the CHIP number of your nearest office to schedule an appointment if you wish to apply in person.

To determine your eligibility, Michigan requires you to provide personal identification information, such as the following:

  • Proof of identity (i.e. a birth certificate)
  • Proof of income (i.e. a W-2 form)
  • Proof of residency (i.e. lease agreement or utility bill)
  • Proof of citizenship (i.e. a birth certificate or passport)

To learn more on how to apply for CHIP in your state, download our free informational guide.

What is included with Michigan CHIP coverage?

CHIP insurance in Michigan is offered through the MIChild and Healthy Kids programs. Both plans provides health care coverage and medical services to uninsured children of working families around the state. CHIP coverage varies from state to state. After submitting an application and all required documents, applicants receive a notice stating who qualifies for coverage and the type of plan for which they qualify.

Both programs offer a wide array of CHIP benefits and covered services. Some of the services covered by each program include the following:

  • Doctor visits
  • Dental services
  • Ambulance rides
  • Prenatal care
  • Labs and X-ray tests
  • Shots and vaccines
  • Hospital care

The above list is not all-inclusive. The exact services provided by each program may vary.

How much is CHIP health insurance in Michigan?

CHIP insurance in Michigan is provided through the MIChild and Healthy Kids programs. The cost of each plan differs slightly. Rather than applying for one or the other, applicants fill out a general application and receive notice of which type of coverage they can use.

The Healthy Kids plan offered through Michigan CHIP is a free coverage plan for low-income working families. Eligible applicants receive access to the covered services at no cost to them. The MIChild plan is available for a low-cost monthly premium, which stays the same regardless of how many children are covered through the program. There are no co-payments required through either of these health insurance programs.

How long do CHIP benefits last in Michigan?

MI CHIP coverage must be renewed each year for candidates to remain eligible for the program. Beneficiaries in the MIChild and Healthy Kids program will receive a letter from the state notifying them of their renewal period. Children benefitting from either program will remain covered for as long as they qualify.

When you receive a renewal letter from the state, keep it for your records. You can renew CHIP online for a quick experience. Alternatively, you may renew your coverage online or by mail.

Each time you renew your CHIP insurance, you must report any changes in your information to the MDDHS. If your address has changed, you got a new job or were offered employer health insurance, you must notify the state to redetermine your eligibility for either program.