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Learn About CHIP in Kansas

CHIP Kansas, a part of KanCare, is a health insurance program that provides coverage benefits to children who are not eligible to Medicaid due to family income, but are otherwise uninsured. The CHIP insurance program provides comprehensive health insurance to thousands of children throughout the state each year that meet age, citizenship, residency and income related requirements. While income limits are a part of the eligibility of this program, limits are higher than that of the state Medicaid program.

While this children’s health insurance program is primarily available to children, in some cases, pregnant women may also qualify for the duration of and shortly after a pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to review eligibility requirements for the program as well as familiarize yourself with the costs and benefits that will be applied if you or your child is approved for coverage in Kansas.

What is CHIP in Kansas?

In Kansas, CHIP Medicaid provides numerous health insurance benefits to children and pregnant women within the state that do not qualify for Medicaid due to income, but are otherwise uninsured and do not have enough income for private insurance. This program is recognized on a national level, but in order to receive benefits in Kansas, you must be a resident of the state.

In Kansas, this health insurance for kids program is part of Kansas’s Medicaid program, KanCare, however, the program is separate from Medicaid with its own eligibility requirements and costs. Coverage options are the same as they are with the Medicaid state program.

Who does Kansas CHIP cover?

Before submitting a CHIP application, you are strongly encouraged to review Kansas eligibility requirements for the program. As stated previously, these requirements may differ from other state programs that you may have been familiar with in the past if you have participated in another state’s program.

This children health insurance plan provides numerous benefits, so it is worth reviewing the type of coverage that is provided to qualifying children and pregnant women. For children to qualify, they must be under the age of 19 and still living with a parent. Pregnant women can be any age when considering eligibility. As stated previously, you must be a resident of Kansas in order to receive benefits and coverage within the state.

One of the main CHIP eligibility requirements concerns income. Income limits are based upon the federal poverty line, however, limits are higher than that of the Kansas Medicaid program. A family’s income limit will depend on the family’s size. Not only will family income help to determine eligibility, but also out of pocket costs that a family may need to pay for coverage.

Lastly, to qualify for CHIP, you must either be a United States citizen or a qualifying legal alien. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you will need to provide proof of your immigration status when submitting an application.

How to Apply for CHIP in Kansas

After meeting Kansas CHIP coverage eligibility requirements, you may submit an application either online, by fax, in person or by mail. By far the simplest way that you can apply for benefits is by submitting an online application. However, if you need assistance with the application process, you may also contact the KanCare Clearinghouse to submit an application over the phone or request a paper application.

You can submit a CHIP application in person at your local office or, alternatively, you can also submit an application by mail. However, if you do submit an application by mail, it is worth knowing that the processing of your application may be delayed due to postage times.

When applying for CHIP in Kansas, you will be required to provide numerous documents that will support the information that you provide on your application. Documents that you will need to provide for you (if pregnant) or for your child include:

  • Proof of citizenship or immigration status.
  • Proof of identity.
  • Proof of income for your whole household.

What is included with Kansas CHIP coverage?

Kansas CHIP provides comprehensive health insurance benefits that are on par with the state Medicaid program. Benefits are unique to Kansas due to the fact that each state governs the programs coverage options, as previously mentioned. In Kansas, CHIP benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Visits with a physician.
  • Vaccinations and other preventative services.
  • Emergency services.
  • Blood work and other lab services.
  • Prescription drugs.
  • Behavioral health services.
  • Dental care.
  • Vision care.
  • Transportation to medical appointments.

How much is CHIP health insurance in Kansas?

If approved for CHIP insurance in Kansas, most families will receive a small monthly premium, however, there are some families that will not receive any fee for the insurance coverage. Families that are charged a monthly premium cannot be charged more than 5 percent of their annual income each year for the cost of health insurance through this program. That maximum will reset each year that your benefits are renewed for an additional one year beneficiary period.

How long do CHIP benefits last in Kansas?

Once approved for the children’s health insurance program in Kansas, benefits will generally last for a one year beneficiary period. However, there are some instances where benefits could end prematurely, such as the end of a pregnancy, if a child turns 19 years old, or if the participant moves out of state.

Before CHIP coverage ends, you will receive a letter in the mail that will include an application for a renewal of benefits. If you would like benefits to continue, you must complete and return the application in a timely manner, else there may be a lapse in coverage. Your eligibility for the program will be determined again at this point and, if found eligible, benefits can be extended for an additional 12 months.