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Learn About CHIP in Illinois

Illinois CHIP, also known as All Kids, is a program designed to provide children with comprehensive, affordable, health insurance regardless of health condition or immigration standing. CHIP insurance is provided to children whose parents are not eligible for the state’s Medicaid program benefits due to income levels but cannot afford the cost of private health insurance. With this insurance program, kids receive comprehensive benefits that allow a parent to take their child to the doctor, dentists and optometrist when medical services are necessary.

This children’s health insurance program can only be provided to children who would otherwise be uninsured and who meet eligibility requirements including age, residency and income. Unlike many states, immigration status is not a factor in determining eligibility, unless the family moves to Illinois specifically for health insurance. To learn more about the eligibility requirements, benefits and cost of this program, review the information that has been provided below.

What is CHIP in Illinois?

CHIP Medicaid, known as All Kids in Illinois, provides comprehensive health insurance to over 1.6 million children within the state. All Kids provide complete health insurance for children as it is on par with the state’s Medicaid program. Through All Kids, children receive a number of coverage related benefits where they would not otherwise have any form of health insurance coverage.

Health insurance for kids is imperative in Illinois communities as every child deserves the chance to grow up healthy, regardless of family income, background or health conditions. Therefore, it is important to review the benefits that the program provides, the cost as well as the eligibility requirements that must be met in order for a child to receive benefits.

Who does Illinois CHIP cover?

Before you decide to submit a CHIP application in Illinois, you are strongly encouraged to review All Kids eligibility requirements in order to verify whether or not your children may qualify for All Kids insurance. In order for a child to be considered eligible, the child must be a resident of Illinois and younger than the age of 19 years. The child must not be eligible to receive Medicaid and cannot be currently on any other health insurance plan in order to be eligible for All Kids. To apply for coverage for your child, he or she must live with you. Only the custodial parent will be permitted to apply for benefits for a child.

CHIP eligibility generally has additional requirements for noncitizens in terms of qualifying immigration status. However, this is not the case when it comes to Illinois All Kids. In Illinois, so long as all other eligibility requirements are met, children can qualify for All Kids, regardless of immigration status. The state of Illinois will only check the immigration status of noncitizen children if an Alien Registration Number is given.

To apply for a child health insurance plan through Illinois All Kids, families must meet income-related eligibility requirements. However, as stated previously, income limits are higher than that of Medicaid. If you have previously been denied for Medicaid, you may still be eligible for coverage for your child through All Kids. Furthermore, not only does income determine your child’s eligibility for the program, but also your income determines the amount that you may need to pay for the insurance.

How to Apply for CHIP in Illinois

An Illinois CHIP application can be submitted in various ways within the state. You can apply for CHIP benefits for your child online at any time without having to worry about office hours. It is considered one of the easiest and fastest ways to apply for benefits for your child. Alternatively, you can also complete an application in person at your local office. You can print a copy of the application or request it by phone to have it sent by mail. After you submit an application, you will receive a notice by mail from All Kids that will inform you as to whether or not your child qualifies for the program, and if eligible, you will receive an HFS Medical Card for your child.

What is included with Illinois CHIP coverage?

If approved for CHIP Coverage through Illinois All Kids, your child will receive a comprehensive insurance plan that will provide coverage for numerous medical services, including, but not limited to:

  • Doctor visits.
  • Hospital stays.
  • Prescription drugs.
  • Vision care and eyeglasses.
  • Dental care.
  • Regular check-ups and immunizations.
  • Medical equipment.
  • Physical therapy.

Illinois CHIP is very different than a program that you may find in another state. While this program exists nationally, each state is provided the ability to determine its own eligibility requirements, coverage benefits and costs. Therefore, it is important to review All Kids benefits, costs and eligibility carefully, even if you have heard information about another state program. To learn more about program basics, you can download our informative CHIP guide today.

How much is CHIP health insurance in Illinois?

Illinois CHIP insurance may come at little to no cost to parents, depending on the family income. Some parents will be required to pay small monthly premiums for their child’s All Kids coverage. In addition to monthly premiums, you may also be required to pay copayments for certain medical services. For example, you may have to pay a portion of a prescription bill. However, copayments are never required for services such as preventative care, immunizations and routine visits with a doctor.

How long do CHIP benefits last in Illinois?

Once approved for CHIP benefits in Illinois, coverage can generally begin immediately, even if your premium is not paid right away. However, coverage could be interrupted if you do not pay premiums in a timely manner. Coverage can also be interrupted or even canceled if a child turns 19 years of age or if the child moves out of state.

CHIP generally lasts for a period of 12 months after a child is approved for coverage. After 10 months, you will receive a notice by mail from All Kids inviting you to renew benefits. It is very important that you complete the application in a timely manner and return it quickly in order to avoid any lapse in coverage. At this point, your child’s eligibility will be determined once more. If your child is still eligible for All Kids, coverage may be extended for an additional 12 -month period.