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Learn About CHIP in Alabama

Alabama CHIP, referred to as ALL Kids within the state, provides health, dental and vision insurance benefits to children who qualify. This health insurance program provides children with coverage when parents do not qualify for Medicaid benefits due to income levels. However, CHIP insurance does have income related eligibility requirements that not only determine whether or not coverage is available, but premium, copayments and coinsurance amounts that parents can expect to pay.

It is worth knowing that the Children’s Health Insurance Program exists in every state within the U.S., however, many aspects of the program, including coverage, fees and applications, are determined by the state. Therefore, it is important to learn more about the program, even if you have previously received benefits for a child in another state. In addition to learning more about coverage options, out of pocket costs and eligibility, it is also worth learning how to apply for benefits for a qualifying child in order to expedite your application process. Choosing the application method that provides you with the greatest level of convenience will help you get benefits for eligible family members as soon as possible.

What is CHIP in Alabama?

Alabama CHIP Medicaid is known as ALL Kids within the state. Administered by the Alabama Department of Public Health, this form of insurance provides no-cost and low-cost health insurance to children who qualify for benefits. When asking, “What is CHIP?” it is important to realize that the program exists within every state. However, each state handles the program on a state level when it comes to applications, the amount of coverage that the insurance provides and the cost. Therefore, it is important to learn more about the program, even if you have previous experience with another state’s program.

ALL Kids is a program that provides health insurance for that do not have another form of coverage because they have parents that make too much to qualify for Medicaid. While ALL Kids has income related requirements, income limits are higher than the Medicaid program. The amount of fees that parents can expect to pay will also be determined by income.

Once a child is enrolled in CHIP within Alabama, parents will be given the opportunity to select a doctor and dentist for their child. The program strongly encourages that parents ensure that children visit physicians and dentists regularly for check-up visits in order to catch any health or dental related problems sooner rather than later. While premiums do not need to be paid up front prior to the use of benefits, premiums must be paid in full in order to renew a contract at the end of the year.

Who does CHIP in Alabama cover?

Before submitting a CHIP application in Alabama, it is worth taking a look at the eligibility requirements that children and parents must meet before insurance coverage can be provided. By doing so, you can better prepare yourself for the application as well as determine whether or not your child may qualify for ALL Kids benefits.

In order to enroll in a child health insurance plan through ALL Kids, children must:

  • Be younger than the age of 19 years.
  • Be either a United States citizen or an eligible immigrant.
  • Not be covered by any other health insurance.
  • Not be a resident in an institution.
  • Not be covered by or eligible for Medicaid.

CHIP eligibility also includes income limits that parents cannot exceed. Monthly and annual income limits are determined by family size. For example, a family of four will have higher limitations than a family of two. Not only does income level determine eligibility for the program, but income levels will also determine the amount that parents can expect to pay in premiums and coinsurance.

How to Apply for CHIP in Alabama

In Alabama, a CHIP application can be submitted in a few ways to provide you with a greater level of convenience and flexibility. The easiest way to apply is to submit an application online.

Alternatively, you can apply for CHIP insurance by faxing in a completed paper application. Applications can be obtained online, at any County Health Department or at many health and community agencies throughout the state. If you do not have access to a fax, you will also have the opportunity to mail in your paper application.

Should you need assistance with a CHIP Medicaid application, you may contact the Alabama ALL Kids customer service line during normal business hours.

What is included with Alabama CHIP coverage?

As stated previously, Alabama CHIP may have slightly different benefits than other state programs that you may or may not be familiar with. Therefore, it is important to learn about the CHIP benefits related to the ALL Kids program in order to determine the level of CHIP insurance coverage that your child may be eligible to receive. In Alabama, benefits include basic coverage for medical services such as:

  • Visits with a doctor.
  • Mental health and substance abuse services.
  • Hospital and physician care.
  • Immunizations and health screenings.
  • Prescription drugs.
  • Dental care.
  • Vision care.
  • Emergency services.

Some services, such as CHIP dental, will be associated with limitations regarding the amount of coverage that a child can receive within a specific period of time. For example, Alabama children will be limited to, under normal circumstances, no more than two dental examinations and diagnoses in a 12-month period and no more than one full mouth X-ray within a 36-month period. Therefore, it is important to review the explanation of benefits that you will receive after your child has been approved for benefits.

How much is CHIP health insurance in Alabama?

In Alabama, CHIP insurance is associated with an annual premium price that must be paid by the end of the contract year. Premium fees are broken up into fee, low fee and no fee groups. If your income is low enough that your child falls into a no fee group, you will not be charged copayments or premiums for your child’s health insurance.

In addition to CHIP premiums, there are ALL Kids copayments and coinsurance amounts that must be paid as services are provided. However, in June 2012, it was ruled that the out-of-pocket maximum that a parent must pay for their child’s ALL Kids insurance is no more than 5 percent of the family’s annual household income.

How long do CHIP benefits last in Alabama?

Generally, CHIP coverage lasts for a 12-month period in Alabama. However, if the child moves out of state or turns 19 years of age, coverage will end prematurely. You will receive a notice in the mail when coverage is about to end for your child. If you still owe any amount of your premium, that amount will be disclosed within the notice. In order to reapply for benefits, the previous year’s premium amount must be paid for in full.

Once you renew CHIP insurance, the child will continue to have coverage for an additional 12 months, so long as eligibility requirements can still be met. You will receive an additional notification by mail once your renewal application has been processed. If you do not agree with the information provided on your notice, including whether or not your child has been deemed eligible for benefits, you will have the right to an appeal. To learn more about CHIP coverage, download our informative guide to CHIP benefits.